Top 5 WordPress Technology Themes 2018

Top 5 WordPress Technology Themes 2018 | WP Free Premium
WordPress Technology Themes: The world today is built on technology. Technology has changed the way we do virtually everything. Writing has gone from writing on rocks to papers and then to the use of computers.

The means for movement has improved from using of legs to use of animals to the use of carts and wagons. Today, we have cars, ships, trains, and planes. The building of houses has moved from building with mud and leaves for roofs to use of bricks, mortars and corrugated iron sheets and several other materials.

Everybody is thus interested in technology. Gaming has also gone digital. People can now play a wide range of games from their computers, phones, and tablets or through console connected to a television.

Having a blog in technology or a website for a technological company conjectures to attract a wide range of audience. These people want to know more about these technologies, or who want to install a technology in their home.

You can, however, improve your chances of keeping your audience and getting customers to make deals by using the right WordPress technology themes.

List of Free WordPress Technology Themes

Startit- WP Free Premium - WordPress Technology Themes Oblivion - WP Free Premium - WordPress Technology Themes Orizon - WP Free Premium - WordPress Technology Themes Hosting - WP Free Premium - WordPress Technology Themes Game Addict - WP Free Premium - WordPress Technology Themes

Startit Startup Business WordPress Technology Themes

The startit a fresh startup WordPress technology themes is a great theme you can use for your technology website. The theme loads on time and is very easy to navigate around. It is easy to give your website a different first look from every other people that are using the same theme. This is due to the fact that you have 12 home page options to choose from.

The theme whose first version was available on the 14th of November 2015 has 13 updates to improve on it. Therefore, it is better, with the last update being on the 28th of April, 2017 as of 6th of November, 2017.

You are therefore sure of getting more updates. As technology improves, new versions of web browsers are available, as well as new add-ons and extensions. You are thus, assured that your website will continue to run on a theme, optimized for the latest technology, so that your website can stay great.


Oblivion – WordPress Technology Themes

Oblivion is a great WordPress technology themes that were from the latest CSS3 and HTML5 methods. The theme is great for creating awesome portfolios or review sites for their games.

The theme was first created on the 10th of September 2013. Over 4 years later, it is still in progress to meet up with the latest technology. The platform is easy to use, both for the person updating the platform and for people who visit the site. It is preferable for users as it is super easy to use.

A great feature of the WordPress technology themes is the Isotope gallery. You might never find a cooler gallery on the Internet. The portfolios and pictures of your games will thus display in a cool way. It is compatible with a lot of plugins, extensions, and add-ons including Woocomerce, a free plugin for creating commercial stores.


Orizon – WordPress Technology Themes

The Orizon WordPress technology themes is another gaming theme you will want to consider. The theme comes with a panel that you can customize. You have the option of using any color you want as the background for the theme, as it comes with unlimited color options.

Choose any color and other elements on the theme. They will automatically adjust to suit the color you choose. You can also upload a background picture instead. With the theme, creating an eye-catching and sleek gaming, blog or magazine will be very easy.

This theme is also a great option for entertainment and news website. The theme was first created on the 13th of January 2013 and its last update was on 1 November 2017 as at 6 November 2017. More updates will be available in order to ensure your website utilizes the best technology to reach your audience.


MegaHost WordPress Technology Themes

Megahost WordPress technology themes offer an original and unique 100 percent WHMCS-integrated design for hosting websites, especially technology related websites.

For the free version, integration can be obtainable with the WHMCS-BRIDGE plugin. It is a freshly created theme that was created to meet the needs of existing clients as well as other people who will be interested in the theme.

The theme is also completely integrated with Elementor. It is a great webpage builder that developers and users can utilize for the combination and creation of various customization and design options.

The theme was first created on the 27th of June 2013, and it still gets regular updates. Some of its features include FontAwesome icons, unlimited skins, High-speed SEO friendly, retina and responsive ready, child-theme ready and language translation.

Other features include LIVE WordPress Theme Customizer, WordPress live page builder, mega menu and slider revolution support. Moreover, it has premium updates and support.


Game Addict WordPress Technology Themes

If you intend to build a game website where you will want to make and manage clan wars such as games, teams, and maps, then the Game Addict WordPress Technology themes is ideal for you.

The theme that was first available on the 12th of February 2014 has a number of regular updates. The last one was on the 13th of September 2017, as of 5th November 2017. The theme majorly features a combination of Black, Red and White colors to create a loving, interesting and responsive theme.

There are some of the features you will enjoy this nice theme. These include fully responsive, ready for BBPress forum, nice gallery, visual composer page builder and team matching, amongst others. You can also upload your own backgrounds.

The SEO optimized theme is sure to make it easier for you when optimizing the site for search engines.


WordPress Technology Themes

Using the right WordPress technology themes for your website, it will go a long way. It will contribute to the success of your blog or website. Just observing that your theme is technological related, is enough to convince some of your audience that they are at the right place.

Nobody wants to stay in a confused environment where your technology content, for example, is sitting on a background or theme that screams fashion. It is, therefore, best that you get a theme that is in line with the niche of your website.

Based on this, we point out some of the best available WordPress technology themes. You can use these for your website. With any of these themes, your website will have a technology feel to your audience. This is even before they start to engage themselves with your content.

Some have been further limited to games since the gaming niche can be unofficial. This is compared to some other technological blogs giving out professional information or technological websites for companies that require an official theme.

You can thus, boost the rating of your technological website by using the right WordPress technology themes from our collection.